November 20th, 2007

So maybe a word or two about where I am in Kenya eh? I first arrived at the Miwani farm a week ago and have since then spent a majority of my time here. I visited a place up north called Kakamega Tuesday and Wednesday. More on that later.
Nehemiah International Farm @ Miwani, near Kisumu

I gotta admit, I was expecting a little less here at the farm. Or rather, my expectations were low as I was going to Kenya; but the Nehemiah compound is very nice, very livable. Which probably accounts for why the place has so many white, non Africans living/visiting. I was given the guest house as I’m the only unmarried male visiting, which is nice. It also serves as the water source (well beneath with a pump that pushes water to tanks on the roof, then gravity fed to the rest of the compound) and internet source (radio is beamed in from across the lake and distrubuted where I live and at the main house wirelessly. Anyways, as I was saying, the place is very nice, not too much of a hardship to live. A lot of work was put into the compound to get it to this state, so I’m just reaping benefits of past labor, but that’s how most things in this life are huh?

So the day I arrived and the day after I just kinda walked around, talked with people and helped out here and there. Mostly, just looked. I did go eyeball the goats cause their kinda cute, and their pens are right behind my ‘house’. We did lose a goat that morning though so when I entered one pen, there was a dead baby goat on the ground. sad. Guess that was due to someone not showing up to work and ignoring the goats. Babies are fragile and need care when their so young. Here’s my favorite though, very cute little guy.

I got to feed him some milk from a bottle and he was all over that. All I can say, I’d hate to have that guy try to get milk off of my glands! Ouch!! Go easy! Though I have noticed that baby goats who do get milk from their mother (not the ones in the pens (milk goats), but in people’s yards the babies have a tendency of sucking and ramming their heads into the glands. I don’t wanna know what that feels like.

Anywhoo, I’m tired. Got sunburned today and it’s past my bedtime.

2 Responses to “Miwani Farm, Inital thoughts”

  1. Amber says:

    Hooray for making it to Kenya in one piece! Yay Deep Forest!

    It’s fun to see where you are staying, and what a cute little goat! I used to own two goats named Lickety and Split.
    (Thomas had no idea that I had so much farmgirl experience before he married me – someday we’ll get goats, and a dog, and some horses, you know – to go with our chickens.)

    Oh yes, a huge thanks for the awesome political analysis of Ron Paul’s campaign, I plan to share it with my friends.

    We’re excited to see what God does next with you in Kenya. Keep us up to date!

  2. Please have a look at this spot. Please drop me an email if you can walk along with us.