June 18th, 2011

June 2nd
Today we visit the Lenana School, who will be the happy recipient of some funds to build a library and class rooms.  We came around and visited all the class rooms independently, saying high to the students and introducing ourselves.  I tried an introduction that asked if any students wanted to work with Metal (as that is what I do at work).  That question was met with an eerie silence, so I decided to not try that route again.  Next time I went with “I’m John and hairy like John the Baptist” while grabbing my sideburns.  Then at least I got some laughs.  Better than silence I must admit.

We also got the opportunity to pray over the 8th grade kids who were preparing to take their state examinations.  These examinations are like the SATs but to get into Secondary (High School).  If they do well they can get into better schools.  I believe most secondary schools are publicly funded, but good scores equal better school.  Secondary and University is the holy grail of nearly all kids down here.  Despite the fact that Kenya is actually over-educated as many adults with BA’s can’t find a job.  Similar to what is happening here in America.  I’ll keep comments on that to myself.  😉

EDIT:  Pictures of Lenana School are uploaded.  Pictures 1 through 4 of the Kenya 2011 Album