May 25th, 2011

Well, it’s been a few years but it looks like I am going back to Kenya.  Except this time with a team of people and a wife!  That should yield some more interesting experiences at the minimum.  Below I have posted an itinerary and prayer list sent to me by Richard Vicknair, who has planned this whole trip.  For the most part rather than doing my own thing this time around my wife and I will be along for the ride.  Not saying that this will be 3 weeks of relaxing vacation, as we will be quite busy nearly every day, but I just don’t have to deal with the planning as much, so that will be a pleasant break.

I won’t go into many details now about what we will be doing on this trip as the itinerary below documents some of that pretty well.  I linked up some of the locations below with prior posts if you care to go back into the past and see what was done last time I was around.

May 30 Mon Depart Seattle

  • Prayer for safe travel and health. Our flight is 22 hours total
  • Pray for our team. That we will be sensitive to the Lord and His Promptings
  • That God will prepare the way before us and that we will have “eyes to see”

May 31 Tues Arrive Nairobi 8:15pm

  • Prayer for sleep so we can be prepared for the rigorous schedule ahead

June 1 Wed Visit Kibera Kids Center in the Kibera Slums

  • Prayer for our protection in the slums from criminal elements and disease
  • Pray for our Kibera Preschool Children. They are so vulnerable!

June 2 Thurs Visit Lenana School (Our School for Slum Children) Dargaretti Slums

  • Pray for these precious children who are being raise in the harshest of conditions
  • Pray for our 12 School teachers, that God will bless them for their sacrifices
  • Pray for the finances of the school. They struggle to survive.

June 3 Fri Visit with Danso AIDS Ministry (Dandora Aids Support Network Organization

  • Pray for the wonderful people who are members of Danso. They all have AIDS. 
  • They are looking to the Lord for His healing, Health and Provision

June 4 Sat A day at the Nairobi Game Park (Tough Duty Huh?)

  • Pray that we will see animals. That God will send them into our path.

June 5 Sun Kimbo Church – Launch of Kimbo Community Well Project

  • Pray that as we literally serve water to the poor people of the Kimbo community that their hearts will be open to the Lord
  • Pray for the Kimbo Church and the safekeeping of this well. That many will come to Christ as they see the love and generosity of his people

June 6 Mon Morning Flight to Kisumu – Straight to Miwani Farm

  • Pray for our safety as we travel
  • Pray for the Miwani Farm and its ministry
  • It is now totally being run by African Nationals. Prayer that God will give them wisdom and especially give them a unified heart and vision for the work

June 7 Tue Leave Miwani – Lunch at Nancy O’s (Visit Olive Branch Microfinance Project)

  • Pray for Nancy O and the leaders of the Olive Branch Microfinance Project, which ministers to more than 300 widows

June 8 Wed Visit Shikusa Boys Detention Center (Big Baptism Service for 100 or more boys)

  • Pray for the boys who are coming to be baptized. That their faith would grow strong and that they would learn to walk with God and hear his voice. That they will make an impact on the world – they have come from the ashes into the beauty of the Lord.

June 9 Thursday Meet with Women with Olive Tree

  • Pray for us as we make a video documentary of the amazing things that have been done through this microfinance fund. We need wisdom to do this right so that it will be useful as a model for other microfinance funds throughout Kenya
  • Pray for the 6 women that run this ministry and put so many hours into mentoring the women who have started businesses to support their families.

June 10 Fri Visit to a PATH project in Kakamega with Kathy L. and team

  • Please pray for this contact that the Lord has given us PATH is a global health organization funded by the Bill Gates Senior Foundation. They specialize in AIDS, Malaria, and women’s health.
  • We are asking God to give us this connection so that we can work with them in our medical camps.

June 11 Sat Rest Day

June 12 Sun Celebration with Kakamegatown PEFA Church

  • Pray for Cindy B. begins her journey home (she is leaving ahead of us)
  • Pray for Pastor Simeon O. and this wonderful church that has had such a powerful influence in the Western Province of Kenya.
  • Pray for the Western Bible College which is run from the church. Pray for the students, their finances and their future.

June 13 Mon Team Fly back to Nairobi from Kakamega

  • Pray for us as we connect on this day with leaders in the Kenya government. Several have responded and want to meet with us and Kathy L.. Having a relationship with members of the Kenyan Parliament will help us enormously in the future as we continue to work to relieve the suffering of the people of Kenya.

June 14 Tues Last Day – Possible meetings with Members of Government

  • Pray for us as we begin our journey home. 
  • Pray for our health and energy levels

June 15 Wed Arrive in Seattle

2 Responses to “Going Back!”

  1. Anita says:

    Heather and John such excitement! I will pray for you guys and safe and healthy travels! I can’t wait to read your blog and keep up on it and the journey you guys will be on! Take care and safe travels!

  2. Jolly says:

    Thanks! We are excited about going. Heather’s never been, and I never got a chance to do some of the activities that I should be able to do this time around.