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Tuesday, October 9th, 2007

Greetings all. This shall be my blog while I’m doing ‘my time’ in Kenya. Here’s what I know so far… okay, so I know very little. At least things that are of interest I suppose. I’m leaving November 15th a bit before midnight and arriving in Nairobi Kenya something like 20 hours later. A short 8 hour bus ride later I will arrive in Kisumu and hopefully get a ride to the Miwani farm. Other than that, thing should be pretty sweet. Generically I will try to post a link at the bottom of the blog to pictures, like below.

As for keeping in touch with people and such things, cell phones do exist in Africa for surprisingly cheap so I will probably obtain one of those. Cell phones are easier to manage then land lines so they are the predominant form of long distance communication down there. Internet access is also available either at internet “cafe’s” at the town or slow DSL at the farm. So hopefully pictures will be updated somewhat regularly and all that jazz.

Pictures showing where I’m going, via google maps.

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